The Gardens Grow Through Volunteers

Please Note: Due to a large volume of recent inquiries, we are currently working through a backlog and are not able to process new volunteer applications for the rest of 2023. You may still express your interest in volunteering with us via the web form linked below, but know that you might not hear back from us until sometime in early 2024.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens is a fun and dynamic place to volunteer. Why not get involved? Staff depend on about 600 volunteers during each calendar year. Volunteer responsibilities and time commitments differ by jobs. They partner with staff to:

• Welcome visitors in the Botanical Center

• Plant, weed, water, and prune

• Educate guests of all ages

• Help out in the library

• Prepare the conservatory for visitors in the morning

• Work on special events

• Assist staff with office work

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers Grow Too

  • Learn about the plant world
  • Make new friends
  • Discover new interests and abilities
  • Gain experience for a career change
  • Participate in the growth of one of Madison's favorite destinations
  • Enrich your life

Group Volunteering

Olbrich has a limited number of service projects in the outdoor gardens for local businesses and educational groups in spring and fall.

Youth Volunteering

Olbrich’s Volunteer Program is currently for people aged 18 and older. Youth 17 and younger are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult when volunteering.

It's easy to learn about and join the Olbrich Crew.

What attracts you to Olbrich?

What attracts you to Olbrich?

Think about your interests and what you’d like to do in your free time.

Visit the Gardens

Talk with volunteers about what they do and what they like about volunteering at Olbrich.

Contact the Volunteer Services Manager

Ask for an Olbrich Volunteer Application and information about specific interest areas or volunteer jobs.

Schedule a New Volunteer Orientation

During this one-hour meeting, new volunteers learn how Olbrich and the volunteer program operate, while the manager learns about volunteers’ interests and schedule constraints. There is no requirement that an individual sign up to volunteer at the end of the orientation.

Find a Match

between your interests and Olbrichs work needs

Once a volunteer match is made, the new volunteer signs a volunteer enrollment form. The enrollment form is an agreement between the volunteer and Olbrich to make the new volunteer aware that Olbrich will provide a safe, supportive environment and expects that the new volunteer will do their best to respect the people, place, and policies that make Olbrich a great family destination, as described in the Code of Conduct for Olbrich Volunteers. Olbrich does not provide liability insurance for volunteers.

Olbrich staff members value the work of volunteers and make them an integral part of garden operations. Like new employees, volunteers are expected to fulfill the commitments specific to their assignments in a manner that is consistent with Olbrich’s mission, goals, and procedures.