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Let’s Explore! Green Jobs – Ecologist

The Let's Explore! Green Jobs video series highlights some of the many fulfilling careers that can be found in green industry professions, and helps our youth start exploring ways they might make a living while harnessing their passion for the natural world. In this video, Ecologist Alex shows us his work with native plants and helps us understand the importance of land stewardship.

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Let’s Explore! Map

Let’s Explore! Green Jobs introduces four different places in the Madison area. Follow the link to explore an interactive map and learn more about these interesting and unique locations! Take a virtual tour of an urban farm, get a bird’s eye view of a Midwestern prairie, and take a peek at the wonderful plants at the botanical garden.

Wonderful World of Horticulture

The green spaces at Olbrich Botanical Gardens are carefully and expertly cared for by a team of horticulturists. Do you see professional gardening in your future? Follow the links to learn more about starting your own garden and keeping it healthy!

Earthworms: The Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre >

Growing and Saving Heirloom Seeds >

Botanical Classification - or What's in a Name? > >

Exciting Ecology

Ecology is the study of the relationships between living organisms and ecologists have the important job of helping to keep the environment healthy and study the interactions between plants, animals, and humans. Love the planet and want to learn more? Follow the links to hear from another ecologist and learn how to support your local environment.

Serge Koenig: Why I Became a Conservationist >

How to Plant a Tree >

Understanding Urban Farming

There are many farms in the Madison area and around Wisconsin that supply us with some of the food we eat. Urban farms can be found in the heart of the city and are a great way to involve the local community in growing their own food. Interested in starting a community plot or learning more about where food comes from? Follow the links to find your local farmers market, try your hand at organic pest management, or visit a local farm.

Badger Rock Urban Farm >

The Gardens Network >

Farm Fresh Atlas: Farmers' Markets in WI >

Let's Grow Stuff: Companion Planting >

Let's Grow Stuff >

Ready for a green jobs challenge?

Follow the link for an activity page with challenges for urban farming, horticulture, and ecology.