There are no refunds for the cancellation of a wedding ceremony and reception at Olbrich Gardens unless the reserved space is rented to another individual or group for the same spaces and time period, in which case an 80% refund will be accorded. Please refer to the Wedding Ceremonies brochure for all applicable rules and guidelines related to ceremonies held at Olbrich Botanical Gardens.

Public Garden

Please note that Olbrich Botanical Gardens is a public garden. We remain open to the public during your Wedding Ceremony time. There will be no other wedding ceremony scheduled during your reserved time, but other types of events may take place.

Setup Restrictions

All activity related to your Wedding Ceremony and Reception must occur within your selected ceremony/reception rental time (different for each space). This includes access to changing room, musicians set-up, chair set-up and removal, photography and similar activities. Olbrich does not provide chairs, tables, podiums, electrical cords and the like (except for wedding/reception packages). Tents or pop-up canopies may not be set up at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Lessees may contract for chairs or equipment with a local rental company. Chairs and other equipment may be set up on paths and grassy areas, but never in or through planting beds (Note: chairs are NOT allowed in the Bolz Conservatory).


The use of nails, tacks, screws, tape or the like to fasten materials to walls, doors, or from ceiling or arbor is prohibited. All decorations should be freestanding; they must arrive with you and leave with you. Paper runners may not be placed on the grass. Bubbles are the only acceptable item to "toss" outdoors . Rice, flower petals, confetti, doves, butterflies, fireworks and balloons may NOT be used. Check with staff regarding acceptable runners or other items you might like to bring.


For the safety of all visitors, smoking and alcohol is not permitted at the Botanical Gardens except by the licensed alcohol permit holder and with the appropriate rental contract. You are not allowed to carry any food or alcohol into the facility. Water bottles are allowed.


Electrical outlets are provided for use at all wedding venue locations. Please ask staff for assistance.


Your wedding photographs may take place outdoors at Olbrich Botanical Gardens during your rental time and/or public hours (which may end earlier than your rental time), provided that you comply with Olbrich's Photography Guidelines. The Bolz Conservatory is ONLY available for those renting the Conservatory for their wedding ceremony after public hours.

Facility Use Agreement

Lessees agree to be bound by all terms and guidelines of Olbrich's Facility Use Agreement, including its refund policy.