Seed Library Opens in the Schumacher Library

Eva Stefanski, Horticulture Librarian
Mar 21, 2023


Preserving Seed Heritage

Thanks to the efforts of library volunteers such as Katie Hartman-Grohn (pictured above), Schumacher Library now has an active seed library. Seed packets are free to anyone who visits the library while supplies last. Each seed packet comes with information about ideal growing conditions. Whether you are a new or seasoned gardener, when you use or contribute seeds you join a larger community of people who are preserving gardening knowledge and seed heritage.

You can contribute to this project by bringing non-invasive seeds to donate to the Seed Library or picking up and growing this year’s seeds at your home. If you have success with the seeds you take, please bring some back at the end of the season for next year’s growers and help us promote sustainable gardening for years to come.

Borrowing Seeds is Simple

  • Visit the Library during open hours to choose up to "borrow" seeds for your garden.
  • Grow your plants and enjoy!
  • After harvest, collect some of the seeds to return to the seed library for next year (or share them directly with your own friends and family).

If you're looking for more opportunities for seed preservation and sharing, Madison Public Library recently debuted its own Seed Library program at five participating libraries throughout the Madison area.

For questions about the seed library, get in touch with the Schumacher Library by visiting during library hours or calling 608-246-5805.