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Cory Barr

Cory Barr

Oakland, CA

Cory Barr is an interactive new-media artist, designer, and engineer. His work examines new ways of interacting with others and the public spaces around us by creating pieces that respond to visitor presence and motion. His main mediums are light, motion sensors, and custom software that is enhanced by human motion and collaboration.

Website: corybarr.com

Installation: Color Currents

Location: Small clearing near beehives

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Katherine Cannistra

Geoff Landrum

Katherine Cannistra & Geoff Landrum

Hales Corners, WI

Katherine Cannistra has a background in studio art and immersive exhibit design. She is a member of the Milwaukee Makerspace and enjoys creating immersive sculptural art that merges technology and nature. Kathy is inspired by evolutionary science, hydroponics, technological advances in computer learning.

Geoff Landrum is a long-time member of the Milwaukee Makerspace and has a background in computer science, and enjoys experimenting with metals and LED art. Geoff is interested in and inspired by Platonic solids and similar mathematically significant polyhedral, and block chains.

Installation: Atomic Forest

Location: Wildflower Garden near pond

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George Neil

Kevin Jordan

George Neil & Kevin Jordan

Williamsburg, VA

George Neil and Kevin Jordan are scientists/engineers with long careers in the field of nuclear physics and particle accelerators working for the U.S Department of Energy. Now in Virginia, both have roots in Wisconsin: George receiving his PhD from UW Madison and Kevin growing up in Reedsburg before starting his career at Fermilab near Chicago. Several years ago they became interested in the intersection of science, art, and the public while attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. This will be their fifth major interactive art installation.

Website: doublehelixart.com

Installation: Double Helix II

Location: Great Lawn

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Jen Fuller

Jen Fuller

Portland, OR

Portland artist Jen Fuller blends the contrasting aesthetics of glass and steel to create sculpture she refers to as "totems for the soul." Motivated by the technical challenges inherent in transforming materials with history into time based experiences, her work reflects the transparency and vulnerability found in humanity and nature. Fuller's recent work has been commissioned by Metro Regional Government, Ovation TV, Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland Winter Light Festival, the Portland Art Museum, and private collectors.

Website: jenfullerstudios.com

Instagram: instagram.com/jenfullerstudios

Facebook: facebook.com/jenfullerstudios

Installation: SWF(Light)

Location: Thai Pavilion

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Wisconsin Community Burners

Wisconsin Community Burners

Madison, WI

The Bifröst GLEAM Project crew is composed of a few members of our Wisconsin Community Burners based closer to the Madison area. They are Rooster; BTL, Tinman; Scuba PlayaDiver; YourFlyIsOpen; JePe; Dusk Beats; Quasar Rob; and Sparkle Horny. Most of us have been and participated at Burning Man and/or Burning Man affiliated regional events and have created various forms of art, some of which have featured at such events and some of which incorporating light and interaction.

Installation: Bifröst

Location: Thai Bridge


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John Bannon

John E. Bannon

Chicago, IL

Born in 1966, Chicagoan John E. Bannon creates works of art in a variety of media seen in both public and private collections. Education: BFA in Painting, 1990, The University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign; MFA in studio, 2002, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Educator: Adjunct Assistant Professor, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; 2004-2015. Collections: The Test of Time, bronze sculpture at Robinson Green on the campus of Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey; Transit, hanging neon sculpture, Chicago Transit Authority HQ, Chicago, IL; Clune Construction, Chicago; Cellular One, Baltimore.

Website: johnebannon.com

Instagram: instagram.com/ban_nonart

Facebook: facebook.com/ArtofJohnEBannon

Installation: Breathe

Location: Sunken Garden


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Bart Ensing

Paul Hayden

Stone Bank, WI

Most likely known more for animated holiday lighting than art pieces, Paul Hayden has been in the lighting industry personally and professionally since 2006. Coming from an engineering background, he generally prefers geometric shapes, symmetry, and precision over more abstract designs. His early influences include geometric concepts in both nature and manufacturing, along with a bizarre fascination with crop circles, which he would routinely get scolded for cutting into the lawn at his parents' house.

Installation: Sphere of Influence

Location: Event Garden


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Bart Ensing

Yuge Zhou

Chicago, IL

Yuge Zhou is a Chinese born, Chicago-based artist whose video and installation works explore urban environments as they are inhabited with the collective rhythms and patterns of human activities. Zhou earned her Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She also holds a
Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University. Zhou has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in museums, galleries and public venues. Zhou is the 2017 recipient of the Santo Foundation Individual Artist Award.

Website: yugezhou.com

Instagram: instagram.com/yugezhou

Installation: To afar the water flows

Location: Rose Garden Courtyard


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