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2018 Home Garden Tour

GazeboFriday, July 13 & Saturday, July 14

9 am - 3 pm

Talk with homeowners, landscape architects, and Master Gardeners to get tips on how to incorporate various garden techniques in your home landscape!

Tour Tickets - $12 Olbrich members / $14 public

Available staring June 1 at Olbrich's Growing Gifts Shop

2018 Garden Selection Information

The Home Garden Tour is organized by members of Olbrich Gardens’ staff and a volunteer committee, comprised of master gardeners and marketing professionals.

Gardens are previewed and evaluated by a set criteria including: location, size, design, plant diversity, accessibility, dedicated outdoor living space, water features and other sculptural components. The HGT Committee strives to feature a wide variety of gardens, providing examples of different styles and gardening challenges.

Garden preview request submissions are being accept for the 2018 Home Garden Tour. The tour areas in consideration include - Maple Bluff, Tenney-Lapham, Capitol neighborhoods.

Garden ImageOlbrich is always happy to accept garden recommendations. Scouting typically takes place July through September. If you would like your garden to be considered for the Home Garden Tour in future years, please complete the Garden Preview Request Form.

Garden Preview Request Form - download the form to your desktop, type answers directly into the form and rename and safe file using your first and last name (handwritten applications will not be accepted).

Submit completed application to this email address:
obs-hgt-committee@googlegroups.com, attach PDF request form and 5 garden photos -

-         Image of the front of the house

-         2-3 general images of garden areas

-         Container gardens (if applicable)

-         Outdoor living features (if applicable)

-         Any other unique features (if applicable)

Close up photos displaying individual plants discouraged.

Your interest in supporting Olbrich Botanical Gardens through this fundraising program is greatly appreciated!

2017 presenting SPonsor

Schönheit Gardens


Avant Gardening & Landscaping, Inc.

Estate “The Tree Care Specialist”

Fitchburg Farms

Gear Landscape

Jung Garden Center

Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses

The Flower Factory

2017 Garden Sites

gigi entrance
Wheelbarrow planter

Peters Garden

Jons Pond


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