Olbrich Home Rooted and Growing
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Classes, lectures, and workshops are offered on a wide variety of garden, ecology, and nature related themes through Olbrich's education department. Public programs are offered at Olbrich for all ages and currently serve more than 4,000 participants each year, from toddlers to seasoned gardeners. During spring and fall, Olbrich also offers ecology field trips for school children.

In addition, Olbrich Botanical Gardens partners with the Madison Schools and Community Recreation's Community Learning Centers, to present Olbrich's Children's Garden program each summer and fall. The program provides hands-on learning for children, ages kindergarten through fifth grade, as well as high school-aged youth who act as mentors to younger participants. Children grow vegetables of their own and make meaningful connections - connections between the soil they turn, the plants they tend, the food they eat, and the natural world around them through activities such as games, journaling, and experiments.


Olbrich Botanical Gardens is operated as a public-private partnership between the City of Madison Parks Division and the Olbrich Botanical Society.
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